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The concept

Marketslib is an online community sharing platform that contributes to the fight against COVID19. It allows citizens going to stores to share useful information such as queuing and product availability. It allows a better going out control and reduces the risk of exposure to the virus.

I'm in solidarity,
I share

I get the news
in real time.

I'm reducing the risk of contamination...

The scenario


Check before going to store


Share once at the store


The info is updated & shared. My contribution to Marketslib community will help all my neighborhood

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Solidaires face au #coronavirus venez consulter et partager les infos utiles sur la dispo des #masquesgratuits sur plus d'infos sur
#SolidariteCOVID19 #solidarity #masquespourtous #masques #StopCovid19 #DeconfinementJour15

Protégeons-nous les uns les autres et prenons soin de Paris : j’invite les Parisiennes et les Parisiens à ne pas jeter leurs masques, gants et mouchoirs par terre mais dans les 30.000 poubelles à disposition dans les rues de la capitale. 😷

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